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May 19, 2012 11:00am EDT
. and it is sort of like time and again in the periods of the united states. and the united states with amnezia. but the problem is economic policiless are so bad and overtaxation and over regulation and hyper invasion. >> vicki? >> i have a radical idea here. long-term unemployed are people in the 50s and ten to be older. if we increased the age that you become eligible for social security. we would see a rise in . employment levels in older people. because of the social security age that older people are retiring and not good workers. it is disadvantaging the workers and that's why they are in the unemployment numbers. >> the key question is whether the unemployment is a safety net. we all agree it is a crush and becomes hard for people to get rid of it. >> over time it does end up hurting you rather than hurting you . that gets to the thing. more the administration fails, more you have debates like we did well in 26 weeks until the president, the last few yearings most unemployed got employed after losing their jobs that. is loselost because of the slub sluggish economy. >> new health care l
FOX News
May 5, 2012 8:00am PDT
will be hesitant to hire, it is quite simple. i don't understand why we are making the united states an inhospitable place to do business. >> and john, the jobs figures on friday were unambiguous and it was clear they were bad numbers. less than expected, yes, unemployment ticked down 0.01% and that is because a lot of people quit looking for jobs. >> absolutely. and, taxes won't help. taxes are a price. they are a price placed on work and on investment. the price on both, is set to go up in 2013. but, my honest guess is that markets have priced in an extension of the tax cuts, already. >> really? >> certainly, president romney is going to extend them, if he's elected. and, as i believe the economy will not improve under president obama, president obama is going to seek an extension of these, too. i think taxes miss the greater point which is the dollar is what is holding back recovery. >> rick, the president telegraphed if he's reelected there are some taxes he'll allow to rise including those on the top tier. >> i think what the president is really doing is setting up the lame duck
FOX News
May 26, 2012 8:00am PDT
. and equipped with a balance sheet is what it took to be president of the united states. we can grab bernie madoff and let him run for office. bernie madoff was a crook and mitt romney is not a crook. i am not suggesting he is a group. but he is easy with the balance sheet and not qualified to be president. >> romney put it on the table when he talked about how he created 100,000 job in bain capitol. they are not there to create jobs. that is perfectly fine and it is okay to make a profit for the investors, but suggesting that he was a great job creator. he opened the door to the discussion. i don't think that that smart. but he created the situation. it is not only republicans, but a number of democrat said bain is a creator of jobs and new business. governor from pennsylvania and duval patrick from massachusetts and booker backed off a little bit. and i mean, a lot of democrats agree with mitt. >> yes. this is what we are going to see as a fundmental theme in this election. does government create jobs or private sector create jobs? the fact that the administration is attacking [prao-euflt
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)